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Funny Book Spawns New Genre - Say Hello to "Smut Poetry"

File 214Put down your cell phone. Stop texting or sexting or whatever it is you are doing. Matty Cox's new book ‘Let Me Put My Poems In You,’ the single greatest piece of literature the World has ever seen, is officially available!

“Move over William Shakespeare — there's a new Bard in town,” declares a review from the University of Alberta’s student newspaper ‘The Gateway.’ In his own mind at least, Matty Cox has written the greatest book of poetry of all time. Referring to himself as a “sheer genius and a cunning linguist,” Matty Cox is anything but shy. His new book, ‘Let Me Put My Poems in You’ aims not to confuse or bewilder, but to bring deep joy to those who read it. Some of his poems will make you laugh uncontrollably, while others may make you cry. Some of them may even make you laugh so hard that you cry.

According to a review from Florida State University’s student newspaper ‘FSView’ “author Matty Cox’s ‘Let Me Put My Poems in You’ is Canada’s answer to Tucker Max’s ‘I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.’” When Matty Cox sent a copy of his book to his favorite radio DJ, Bro Jake from Vancouver’s Rock 101, he began reading Cox’s poems on the air. Advance copies of the book have also been sent to Steven Colbert, John Stewart, and David Letterman among others, and Matty Cox is confident that he will be on the late night circuit in the coming weeks. He is also convinced that he will sell a million copies by Christmas.

The Florida State review gives Matty Cox “five stars in the category of sexual euphemisms” which is fitting since Cox claims to have created a new genre of poetry known as smut poetry. In that case, this is some wickedly funny smut poetry. Once you pick this book up you will not be able to put it down until you have read it through twice. Florida State recommends that “‘Let Me Put My Poems in You’ is a great choice for a college kid’s coffee table or bathroom book. No matter which page one chooses to open, that poem is sure to garner a laugh.” According to Matty Cox, “this book is the single best thing you could ever spend your money on.” He goes as far as to say that “you would have to suffer from some sort of mental disorder to not want to purchase a copy” of his self proclaimed masterpiece.

Clearly Matty Cox is a funny man and is not to be taken seriously. He doesn’t take himself seriously, not even for a second. He merely wants to make people laugh, whether it is with his writing or in his interviews. His book is seriously funny, but also seriously well written. According to the U of A review, “this genius and diverse subject matter is coupled with an equally diverse selection of styles, from free verse to limerick,” and a University of Calgary review declares that Cox’s poems are “quite clever.” Straight from the horse’s mouth, please let him put his poems in you. He promises not to disappoint.

Here is a sample poem from the book.

‘Ode to Beer’

Oh to beer, sweet sudsy beer
Oh how it is that I revere
Your flavors like a rainbow are
So many choices at the bar
Oh how am I to choose but one
No that would not be too much fun
You’ve been with me through thick and thin
Through ups and downs, the vomit bin
Oh loyal beer sweet nectar true
It’s liquid bread it’s good for you

Let Me Put My Poems in You’ was officially released by Engage Books on December 1, 2010, and is available on Amazon. For more information and to purchase a copy of your very own, visit

INTERVIEWS with Matty Cox: me(at)mattycox(dot)com
MORE INFO book cover, and author photo:
QUESTIONS contact Alexis Roumanis: alexis(at)engagebooks(dot)ca
ORDERS contact: info(at)engagebooks(dot)ca


To read the full press release from PRWeb click here.

At the 35th Vancouver Science Fiction Convention from October 1-3

File 211At the Vancouver Science Fiction Convention this weekend. The Engage Books booth is in the dealers room at the Marriott in Richmond. We have all of our books, including a preview of Planet Janitor: Custodian of the Stars. Come on down and say hi.

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Homer's Odyssey is now available

File 196After releasing a dozen titles under our classic imprint AD Classic, Engage Books launches the imprint BC Classic with Homer's epic, The Odyssey. The book is illustrated, and the translation is excellent. Get your copy here.


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WHY I LIKE MY PUBLISHER by Chris Stevenson

Here are the reasons Engage Books is a breath of fresh air in the small press industry: 
1. You have publishing experience (OJT) and a university education--all of it pertaining to, what else?  The publishing business.  That's planning savvy.
2. No one on this earth could have picked a more catchy company title than "Engage” and I think I know exactly where you got it from.
3.  You specialize in the SF genre, the smartest move for any independent or small press, because you narrow your focus and intensify.  You know/love your niche/genre, your specialty; therefore, you will find and maintain your market and eventually strengthen and expand that market through solid growth. 
4.  You're a good editor, you have a feeling for what belongs and what does not belong in a manuscript.
5.  You have the best freehand artists I've ever seen in the business.  You draw people to you who are equally dedicated and professional (like Andrew Wilmot, an excellent editor).  This can only lead to superb quality, the hallmark of a learned, prepared entrepreneur.
6.  You were wise in publishing reprints of classics.  They never go out of style and you were right in thinking that they could help fund your author publications.  Seldom do I see ANY startup independent use such forethought when launching a company.  You were prepared beforehand--you garnered capital.  Your association with your previous publisher served you well--you were watching, observant, taking notes.
7.  You have youth and energy on your side. You attend conferences, seminars, and shows, laying your book products out there for all eyes to see.  That takes shoe leather, but mostly pride in your product.
8.  You just cornered the market in

Vancouver --you are Mr. SF there.  Stay there.  Keep it.  Edge Science Fiction had better watch their market share from here on out.  At the rate you're progressing, they're going to be in trouble and better remove their blinders.  You could seriously flatten them in five to seven years.  Maybe sooner.
9.  You have a soft-spot for charities.  This is great for your public image.  Says something about you, too.

10. No fees: editing, artwork, or reading.  Nothing vanity oriented.  In fact, your publishing schedule is reserved for select titles, and there is no mentality that flags Engage as an author mill.

I think if all future small press publishers would take heed to the way you structured Engage books, there would be a lot less startup failures and dissent amongst complaining writers.  Kudos for a job well done.  May Engage make its mark in the literary world, and stay up there as a hallmark example of how right publishing can and should be today.


Chris Stevenson


Science Fiction author Chris Stevenson has written Planet Janitor: Custodian of the Stars, which will be Engage SF's first title, to be available for preorder in December 2010.


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Another newspaper article on Sixty-Five Years Till Now!

Summer, A Time for Gardens and Poetry

File 152We held our first book signing and poetry reading last weekend in Naesgaard's Garden Gallery, a newly developed area filled with flowers and shrubs. Alexis Roumanis and wife Dayna surprised his mother, Victoria, with a reception to launch her new book of 151 poems.

Alexis, an accomplished young man, who wrestled both locally and at Simon Fraser University now ownes a publishing business, Engage Books. On the sly he gathered his mother's work and surprised her with the book titled Sixty-Five Years Till Now.

It's available in good bookstores and at Naesgaard's. Victoria Roumanis who writes under her maiden name of Hazlehurst has shared her writing and photographs with the local community since her arrival from England in 1974. On Sunday morning I enjoyed listening to CBC Radio's interview with Alexis and Victoria.

Written by Helgie Naesgaard for the AV Times. Published on June 11th 2010.
  • The video coverage is now on YouTube.
  • To listen to the radio interview with Cheryl MacKay on CBC's North by Northwest click here (drag the play bar 1/5 of the way across)
  • To read the AV Times article click here.
  • To purchase a copy click here.


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