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Planet Janitor review in SF magazine Tales of the Talisman

Planet Janitor was reviewed in the science fiction magazine Tales of the Talisman - Volume 8, Issue 1. Here is the full review:

There is something so satisfying about a truly well-done piece of science fiction. A good Sci-Fi tale gives the reader a glimpse into a possible future. Plus, not to mention, science fiction is fun. This is a perfect way to describe Chris Stevenson’s novel, Planet Janitor Custodian of the Stars—satisfying and fun.

Zachary Crowe, “Zaz” to his friends, is Captain of the Shenandoah. Along with his crew of misfits and outcasts they are a sort of outer space Jack-of-all-trades for hire. They tend to be a bit accident prone, but always seem to get the job done. Zaz and the rest of his crew at Planet Janitor have a sketchy reputation which is all the more reason for surprise when Orion Industries hire them for the job of a lifetime.

When Orion Industries discovers a new planet they see immediate profit potential. However there is a biological mess which needs to be “cleaned” before the planet can be utilized—enter Planet Janitor. Though the trip to the new planet is a 12-year jaunt, Zaz and crew take the contract as the payoff will be more money than they could ever hope to spend.

The job gets off to a rocky start however as the Shenandoah crashes on the new planet leaving the crew shipwrecked. The mysteries start to deepen as the crew discovers the remains of an apparent genocide. They must also fight off genetically engineered creatures and the alien masters who created them all the while dealing with the disappearance of crew members, the hardships of an extreme climate, psychological trauma of being stranded, and simply trying to get along with each other as they merely try to survive.

Chris Stevenson’s novel, Planet Janitor: Custodian of the Stars is highly entertaining. The technology is believable and really grounded in science. This is always an important factor for solid Sci-Fi. The characters are well-developed and their individual storylines will suck the reader right in. There is enough action, humor, and even a touch of romance mixed in to satisfy even the casual science fiction fan. This makes Planet Janitor Custodian of the Stars an easy recommend.

—Shawn Oetzel
Tales of the Talisman — Volume 8, Issue 1.
You can purchase a copy of the book here.
Or check out the Planet Janitor website.